About Us


DDOPPITO LTD means a team of experts in affiliate marketing and advertising. We're running Ad campaigns on Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and Bing Ads, but also work with some of the biggest affiliate networks (such Adcombo.com) selling our products in dropshipping system. We manage some online shops in health, fashion and kids that generates a BIG profit for us and we'd like to take our business to the next level!


How Exactly Our Business Works?

We are selling our promoted products (mostly from aliexpress.com) in dropshipping system, on amazon, eBay, advertising networks but also on some of the biggest affiliate networks such maxbounty and adcombo, and we get a good ROI sometimes up to 1500%. We mostly focus on cheap products such black mask, titan gel, black tea, etc.

Let's do a simple math, as example

Someone invests $100 in our "Starter" plan, which should get a total profit of $175 in just 35 days. These funds will be used to buy advertising (leads) by selling Titan Gel in Spain. We will create a campaign on adcombo.com and pay their affiliates about $20 per sale (everytime time they sell our product). On our website we will sell Titan Gel for $55, even if we we buy this product from aliexpress for about $2.5. As you can see, there's a big profit.

Some simple maths

User investment: $100

For $100 we buy 40 Titan Gel pieces from aliexpress.com

We're selling a single piece for $55 on our website through adcombo.com platform

We pay adcombo's affiliates $20 for a single sale

Our profit: $30 per sale / 40x30 = 1,200 USD PROFIT!

User's profit: $175

Our profit: ~ around $1,000

About Us

We're affiliate marketing and advertising experts with over 10 years experience, cerified by Google Adwords. We focus on selling products with a good ROI (over 400%) and we'd like to take our business to next level.

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